Youtube Video Playback Triggers 2nd ‘Echo’ Audio Playback

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Hi Firefox/Mozilla supporters,

*Preface: I just sent this post info to Google/Widevine Support Forum as well...
VERY strange thing started happening yesterday when I clicked a link opening a youtube video. It began to play as it rightly would, but then I heard the same video playing - seemingly, as if I'd opened it again in another tab or window. Despite my scouring all tabs and anything remotely that could be open and playing, NOTHING is open and playing.

It's now happening every time I start a youtube video whether I'm on and playing videos or whenever I click a youtube link from another website. The video begins to play, then after a second or two, the I HEAR THE AUDIO PLAYING AS IF ON A SECOND AUDIO CHANNEL.

Even though i've stopped the youtube player on the page, the 'SECONDARY' audio source continues to play the entirety of the youtube video. The only way to stop this secondary audio playback is by closing the youtube page itself. I've googled this problem to see if anyone else is finding it but I don't see it in a google search which is why I registered and am appealing to MOZILLA FIREFOX support via this 'Firefox Bugs' topic.

I believe this problem is connected to the Firefox/Mozilla dissolution of plugins and the use of the relatively new plugin "Widevine Content Decryption Module provided by Google Inc". When I disable the Widevine plugin, the dual playback stops but so does playback altogether. That is, no videos on play at all once I've disabled the Widevine Content Decryption Module.

As I mentioned, the problem is that once playback begins on youtube (and now I've discovered this via certain other websites/platforms), the audio from the content in the player 'rolls' again with approximately a 1-2 second delay, an 'echo' channel, if you will, only without any trace of a new tab or window opened to show the source and stopping the player on the page does not stop the 'secondary' echo audio of the principal video playback.

Anyone else finding this problem or issue?


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Duplicate, X post, locking. Continue the discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=3027753
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