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I have had to set up this new account because one day it would no longer accept my user name and password for many years.

Then 2 administrators emailed me about a link where they forced my new entry.

But when I click on that link and then type in my pw + user name I get the immediate message in red - You are locked out because you've reached the maximum number of attempts to log in...but this happens on my first try after clicking that link provided.

Is there a top tier administrator on this forum or a Mozzilazine Tech person I can email because this is not working after repeated attempts.

This is understandably frustrating as there is some software glitch which isn't being solved.

Thank you.


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Post Posted March 14th, 2020, 10:09 am

Please don't post in multiple fora.

Locking as a duplicate/x Post.
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