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Post Posted October 12th, 2017, 11:19 pm

Symptoms include the options pages and menus of these extensions failing to open, being unable to save any preference changes, or data being discarded after restarting Firefox. If that sounds familiar, be aware it might be caused by having cookies off, using Private Browsing mode or clearing history.

Examples of affected extensions include uBlock Origin 1.14.14, Greasemonkey 4.0a, Referer Control 1.27 and Feedbro 3.30.3.

Bug 1406675 - WebExtension cannot use IndexedDB at all if "Accept cookies from websites" is disabled
Bug 1313401 - Background Page LocalStorage is cleared along with site storage
Bug 781982 - IndexedDB does not function in private browsing mode

The cookie issue can be worked around by creating an exception for the extension, as you would for a website. For instance, if you open uBlock Origin's dashboard, the location bar will show something like this:
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That first bit, moz-extension://UUID, minus the folder path and file name is what you use as the exception URL. That string of characters is different for each Firefox profile. If you can't get to the extension's options page, enter about:debugging into the location bar and look for it there.

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