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Phoenix's print dialog seems to have very few features (at least on Linux),
but I remember at one point Mozilla's print dialog had quite a few useful

I remember reading that there was a platform-independent print dialog as
well as print dialogs for specific platforms available. If this is the case,
would the Phoenix developers consider using the alternate one on Linux if
it provides more features? If not, would it be possible to add features to
the existing print dialog?

I ask mainly because I was initially unable to find the landscape/portrait
option, as I am used to finding it all available on the print dialog, but I later
discovered it is under File->Page Setup on Phoenix 0.4 for Linux.

I'm not necessarily saying Phoenix's current setup is incorrect, merely
posing the question of whether people like it, whether any extra features
are highly desirable, and whether there is an easy way it could be done.

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