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Is there an easy way to save ( not download it again ) youtube videos from the Firefox cache after viewing them online.

I know you can save them by browsing the cache folder or by using about:cache, but not all videos appear here and its a pain

Anyway i think these should be an easier way to do it..........

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But these extensions only let you download the videos again from the server
I want something that save videos which already in the firefox cache to the harddrive

I have very limited bandwidth i can afford to download the videos again


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its not what i am looking for

i have a 64 kb line i dont want to download a video that i have not seen


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Streamed videos are not saved in the cache but are handled by the plugin.
So you either have to download them unseen and then decide if you want to keep them or download them a second time to save them.

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But, ambush, for you to watch the video it has to get downloaded anyway. Why not use one of the extensions recommended by Dick to download a video, then watch it, and then delete it if you don't want to keep it.

That way each video only gets downloaded once.

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That would be a waste of time, i can watch the video from youtube while its buffering and decide if i want to keep it halfway though


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ambush_xx wrote: from the Firefox cache .

tried Cache Viewer?

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Post Posted June 21st, 2018, 2:35 am

WozNot wrote:tried Cache Viewer?

Thx, but NOT supported in FF Quantum..

By the way, there is a method to save video without re-downloading. Download some computer screen recorder. I have good experience with


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Why not check the date/s next time....before posting?
This thread is long dead.

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