turning off password manager in Ph yet?

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i saw a few people mention this on the old forums, i too sometimes find this annoying.. is there any way to turn this off? without having to say "never for this site" for all websites? Also i noticed.. usernames get saved without asking.. (e.g. Hotmail) is there a way to turn this off too?


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I agree that there should be a way to turn this feature off (perhaps from preferences...). But I don't think you can disable it yet. Maybe by changing the userfiles but don't know how...

Saving usernames seems to happen because of the cookies stored by MSN. I had the same problem with Netscape mail, it stored my username as long as I was allowing cookies. And there were many of them (much more than needed I think...). The bad thing is that without them I couldn't log in. :cry:


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Just wait for Pnx 0.5

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