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I got these values:

Konqueror 3.0: 9292 kbps (???)
Phoenix 0.4: 155 kbps
Netscape 7: 183 kbps
Netscape 4.7: 113 kbps

2nd run:
Konqueror 3.0: 9738 kbps
Phoenix 0.4: 244 kbps
Netscape 7: 177 kbps
Netscape 4.7: 133 kbps


This test is probably more dependent on the browser's (dis)ability to measure time than on the real internet connection. While Konq is actually slightly faster than Moz/Phoenix, the over 9Mbps are sure bullshit.

Performance tests have to be done per hand with a real stopwatch, otherwise you never know what you are measureing.

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