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Hey everyone @ Mozilla! I have a few suggestions for Firefox. Has anyone thought of adding in a built-in Ad Blocker for Firefox? I 'am aware that Youtube has way too many ads in their videos now and I was wondering if anyone @ Mozilla would make one for the next Firefox update. I have been using this browser for many years and enjoy it, but a built-in Ad Blocker by Mozilla would be awesome :D Take it easy all and peace :D


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The site independent as it is not run by nor a part of * as Mozilla even has their own support site at that started later on after this site. There is also no links on top and or bottom like a typical * page.

If Mozilla was going to add a Ad blocker in Firefox they would likely have done so long ago and it would also likely be a more stripped down version compared to the content blocking Extensions out there. It would have also been more stuff to maintain.

Firefox does have this though

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