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Post Posted February 27th, 2021, 11:12 am

For developers to consider fixing:

I had Firefox 86 window open and also Firefox private window open, i have accidentally closed the normal main Firefox window leaving private one open. And that is the problem, because Firefox then forgets opened tabs on my main FIrefox window.

So in private window i went to history, restore all recently closed windows, but it restored only one tab in each window. After closing private window, i ended up with just single tab open and was unable to restore recent Window/tabs from history.

So i had to waste time finding out how to restore it manually On Linux, i closed FF, went to folder /home/me/.mozilla/firefox/myprofilename/sessionstore-backups/
sorted files by modified date and most recent file with substantial size (in my case upgrade.jsonlz4-20210223212617) i have copied one level up and then renamed that copy to sessionstore.jsonlz4
started FF and session was restored.

I hope developers will make Firefox to remember sessions better/longer.


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Post Posted February 27th, 2021, 12:40 pm

The issue was that you had a Private Window open and closed the main, non-private window first. With a Private Window, Firefox is not supposed to store history, etc. so that’s what you got. Had you first closed the Private Window and THEN the main, Firefox would have saved the session of the main window.


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Post Posted June 14th, 2021, 11:12 am

(Old, but so what...)

What I'm seeing...

I had 6 or so "regular" windows w/multiple tabs open.
Opened 1 Private Window.
Closed 6 regulars.

History, Recently Closed, showed 3 windows. (Presumably it should have shown more?).
Selecting the first, restored that Windows & all associated tabs.

Closing that window again, History again showed 3 windows (& the expected number of tabs in each).
Selecting, Restore All Windows, opened 3 windows, that (same) 1st. window, restoring all tabs.
The other 2 windows were only the window itself & it was "about:blank" - no tabs restored.

There seems to be bugs here in this respect.

(This is with FF 78ESR.)

In any case (& not that I've particularly followed in a long time, but) the /sessionstore-backups/ should have a few sets of "restore points" that as you found, you should be able to recover by.
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