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Bookmark search works fine for individual bookmarks. However, when searching for bookmark folders or sub folders, firefox does one of two things. One, it's finds the folder but will only list part of the contents and never shows the location of the folder in the left-hand column. And it do not show any sub folders within the individual folder that is searched for.And 2, it will often come up with no results when searching for a folder. Other browsers I have and do use always show all the contents related to a bookmark search. There are times when I forget where a bookmark folder is located and it is very frustrating that search Will not show me where that folder or sub folder is located. Fire fox has come along way over the years, however I would like to see them improve this bookmark area. It is really the one thing that I feel needs to be refined more. Is there any way that I can submit this feedback directly to fire fox?


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Moving to Firefox Features.


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This may or may not suit your requirements but it sort of functions O.K.
Bookmark Search plus 2...
> ... ch-plus-2/
Read the author's comments.
Other than that, perhaps you'll find one at the Addons site?

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