Why on earth close Firefox with last tab?

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One of the biggest of Firefox's many aggravations: finish with a search or site, click the x to close the tab, and Firefox vanishes. Well, ya know what, guys? I didn't want to close FF. I wanted a new blank page from which I could go on to another site, search another topic.

But no. I have to go back to the taskbar, click on Firefox yet again, and wait for it to open. Many minutes spent searching through the settings topics for a choice that should be near the top of user preferences avails nothing. Nada. Naught.

True, a search on "prevent FF closing with last tab" pulls up a solution from Mozilla (and many others). But why should we have to go through this rigmarole to prevent Firefox from wasting yet more of our time? The fix for this is convoluted and the whole thing should be unneccessary.

Or am I out of step? Do the majority of users like having to re-open the program every time they leave the last tab rather than going on to the next item in the day's list of Internet projects?

Think about it.


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Type about:config in address bar > browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab > set to false.


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Post Posted December 2nd, 2019, 6:48 pm

Why would a user close the last tab?

It is where the next bookmark, or URL opens when one is browsing.

It does make it easier than going to the Menu button and scrolling all the way down to Exit/Quit, or using File > Exit/Quit, or the key combination.

Thanks for the reminder and for saving me milliseconds everyday. =D>
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