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I tried to search for this but last topics appear to be very old, so I'll ask again. I am new to Firefox. Is there any way to enable an upload progress indicator/status bar like Chrome has at the bottom of the page?


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upload to where? Chrome? Image please!

i am pretty sure that loading bar is part of the website, not browser.


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What version of FF?
Perhaps, UploadProgress ?
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Support for progress bars and a status bar has been pretty much ripped out of the latest Firefox versions. Older addons are broken anyway but a new one would need to do it from scratch. Restored in TB60 and SeaMonkey 2.57 for the time being but lets see how long this holds.


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firefox extensions are able to create a bar -> overlay - see S3 download manager and similar.
mozilla spoke about an additional bar upcoming but gave no date.

a general loading bar for pages: ... gress-bar/
but it had bugs with 0.4 and i uninstalled (current is 0.9)

i did not found any upload progress. my used pages offers this feature themselves. (dropbox aso.)

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