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My bookmarks are well organized and very important to me. I'm using AIOS to display and search my bookmarks. The addon, Go Parent Folder, is indispensable. This process seems very organic to me, and I'm trying to find a solution.

Unfortunately AIOS is no longer available, but I believe the FF sidebar and search will be okay. Although the author of AIOS implemented features to Close and Expand the tree automatically. There is nothing equivalent to Go Parent Folder. The way it works is, after a search, the user right-clicks a bookmark and selects Go Parent Folder and the user is immediately positioned on that bookmark in the bookmark tree.

I tried one bookmark addon, but it was extremely slow, crashed, and was way more than I needed/wanted. Does anyone know of a similar addon to Go Parent Folder or a FF feature that perhaps I'm overlooking that would position the user on a bookmark in the bookmark tree?

Thank you.

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That's the addon I tried. I googled and it came up often, so I tried it. I'm okay with the default FF Bookmark search. I just need the "Go Parent Folder" function/part. This particular addon, for me, is super slow. I see the spinner a lot. I'm also not a fan of the way it shows results in a separate panels. It crashed a couple of times. It also interferes with bookmarking. I'm looking for just the one function to the default FF Bookmark search.

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