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Could someone make a "Recycle Bin" for Bookmark Folders - a place they go when they are accidentally deleted, so you can recover them?
I am referring to individual Bookmark folders.
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That request was rejected in bug 487807.

You can create a bookmarks folder named Recycle bin, then when you want to delete a bookmark, click and drag to move it to that folder instead. Other than that, you can contact the authors of various bookmark manager add-ons and ask them to implement such a feature. Examples include Bookmarks Organizer, Bookmarks Manager and Viewer, and Bookmarks Manager.

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You may know this, but if you have recently (same session) deleted some bookmarks you can restore them by pressing ctrl-Z repeatedly. If it does not work in the browser window, open the library - ctrl-shift-B and then press ctrl-Z one or multiple times.

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copy that!

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