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Looks to me like someone has configured things without thinking of the end user in greying the folder icons in the recent 56.0 (64-bit) update.
Having the folders in grey teamed within the existing black and white environment makes for not only an annoying visual experience but an aesthetically ugly one.

I can't believe I'm the only one in the FF community who thinks this.
Please change it back to the yellow folder icon or at least give folks an option to change it themselves.



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Try this
>Right click on the folder and choose properties and then choose Customize and choose a diferent color or restore to windows default
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Guess I'm missing something here, but what "folders" are you referring to?

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get aris css collection

and activate the line with:

delete the not needed rest of lines or /*disable*/ it

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Hi...thanks to all for taking time to reply

For Dan: FF folders created by me via 'Organise > New Folder' and show down left hand side when 'Library' chosen

Jayhawk: right-clicking on these folders doesn't offer 'Properties' may be thinking of standard windows folders to change as you suggest.

Brummel: FF 56 isn't shown in your link, just version 57 which I didn't know even existed!

Also what do you mean by 'activate the line'??

When you get a moment, let me know...

Many thanks


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saint1, not sure if this is what your getting but try this thread (which relates to FF 57 but the solutions might work in recent older versions): A Beginner's Guide to Creating and Using a userChrome.css File - How to Change Firefox's Grey Bookmarks Folders

You can get might be able to get FF's old-style Bookmarks folders by following the instructions in that guide.
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