Is there a way to stop floating videos?

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There are two ways I've found to stop this extremely annoying habit of websites auto-playing video content and then floating it around my screen when I'm not interested in what they are pushing at me but want to read content. The Daily Mail does this, as does Planet F1. You lose some functionality on websites that use javascript to do this floating video thing. First way is load about:config in Firefox, search for javascript and toggle it to false then reload the page - the video and its floating property annoyance is gone. Second way is to install the javascript toggle toolbar button from Firefox addons, which essentially toggles javascript on and off. You will lose some comments functions, sometimes images as well, but usually the readable content remains complete. This solution doesn't require script coding knowledge and works fine for me. Like many others posting on this thread I don't want unrequested video content being bounced around my screen while I'm trying to read something else.


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