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Discussion of features in Mozilla Firefox

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Post Posted November 27th, 2002, 9:53 am

sessamoid wrote:By your name I guess that English is not your native language?

The way you opened the remark with "go read this and do such and such then" comes across as very condescending

No I'm not natively english speaking, but I guess the condecending tone was there.
I addmitedly was a bit annoyed from your previous reply "I've given what I thought were good reasons, but you've declared then invalid without explanation. "

I don't understand how explaining that (and how) your solution breaks the CSS spec is "declared them invalid without explanation". That to me seemed like you don't give a crap about SPEC behaviour just as long as you get it how _you_ like it.
If you are looking for a browser that don't care about following the specs and use loads of proprietary implementations, you are in the wrong place to begin with.

Besides, and I tried the code presented, and it didn't do what I wanted, and I explained why it didn't. Are you trying to tell me it did?

I'm trying to tell you that it's example code and that you should not expect others to do everything for you. Thus I gave you direct links to the relevant sections in the CSS spec which in combination with the examplecode would allow you to add what you wanted by yourself.
Once you figure out exatly how to do it you could possible make it an .xpi extension that others could also download and use if they like it.

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Post Posted November 29th, 2002, 2:36 am

First of all, I'd have to agree that a more robust explanation of the page's loading would be useful, and I think that it would be very useful indeed. Consider it:

Instead of the animated throbber of the M (or the spinning globe thing for the Chimera theme which I've come to love quite passionately), consider a coloured pie chart which completes in much the same way as a status bar, however, the colour of the chart actually changes colour in accordance with the speed at which the page / page contents are being downloaded (max. speed being autodetected over time, but also possibly set at a static value by the user in the Preferences). When the mouse hovers over the chart, a tooltip displays whatever text is generally in the status bar, as well as the combined speed being used by the page downloading and the total size of all elements on the page combined.

Anyone else think this's a good idea???

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