Older versions security concerns?

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Post Posted October 8th, 2021, 5:26 am

Out of concern that staying with a current version or release might expose me to an unpatched vulnerability, whenever there is a new release or update I promptly update, and always check to see the latest patched vulnerabilities, some labeled "critical" or "high."

It puzzles me that some users here, even those highly advanced, stay with much older versions, some dating back years. While I fully understand the need to avoid some oppressive UI changes, or keep running a version still compatible with, for example, XUL extensions, I wonder what such users do to stay safe? Do they think that some A-V completely protects them? - something I rather doubt.

In any case, would like to hear how those running older versions deal with security concerns while staying with unpatched versions.

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Post Posted October 8th, 2021, 12:54 pm

Just to clarify, I don't mean this to be seen as a challenge or rebuke to those who run older versions. Simply curious to understand how these users address (or possibly decide to ignore) the security concerns inherent in running older versions.


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Common sense.
(And no, that does not mean avoiding "bad" websites - bad, being a totally meaningless term.)
(Hopefully I have some common sense [though sometimes I wonder...].)

Do use NoScript & uBlock Origin.

(I) Don't use A/V.
(I generally) Don't care (or better said, worry).

Hope I have good luck :-).

(I don't use FF, generally.)
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+1 on what therube said--even though I am on FF93--for long periods I have stayed with older version--when I can no longer catch my FF modifications as soon as possible to make them stick from an upgrade--then I will revert back to my backup--and stay there.

I'm sure there are a lot of people on here like me, I have been around this (web) since DOS, the first netscape, compuserve (recognize that) , again like therube said, common sense.


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Seeing as most users of older versions do so because of aging operating systems that are more vulnerable then recommending not using Anti Virus is at best stupid and at worst criminal. Noscript can and does slow down browsing and to my way of thinking is more trouble than its worth. Ublock on the other hand is very good
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