Firefox 60.7.2ESR freezing in Linux

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Post Posted July 13th, 2019, 4:32 pm

Having just installed Devuan on a test/development system, I am trying out various things. One is the Firefox that comes with the distro, which is 60.7.2 ESR. It seems to function well enough, but will periodically cause my process count to spike (I am runnng GKrellM and can see this in real time) and freeze both Firefox itself and any audio that happens to be running at the time. The freezes are not permanent, but do last several minutes at a time. Then the process count drops off again. Both SMPlayer and VLC Player are affected, though SMPlayer seems to be able to recover while VLC Player has to be closed and restarted. Could it be one of the extenions? I have installed a set of privacy protection extensions that I like to use on Windows Firefox and have never caused problems there. Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, Privacy Badger, RSS Preview (replaces what used to be native functions for XML), and uBlock Origin. It doesn't seem to be related to opening a page, or scrolling around, but just flares up randomly.


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You should never run too many privacy extensions as they tend to conflict. Privacy badger is a known problem and Noscript can be heavy handed. I run ublock on my Firefox Linux Mint combo and thats it
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Yeah, removing Privacy Badger seems to have stopped the random periods of freezing. I hope it's not that important with the other extensions working. Odd that I never saw anything like that in Windows with the exact same browser extensions.


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Post Posted July 15th, 2019, 9:43 am

@Zosimos . . . I am also a Devuan user who has been in that camp since 2014. I am still on Jessie with 60.7.1 ESR, gkrellm etc. I do run FF through firemenu and have it locked down with ublock origin. Everything has been working fine here but I just (held my nose) and tried to connect to hangouts and X went crazy and had to Xkill FF. Will try with Chromium next time . . .

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