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Post Posted July 13th, 2019, 11:29 am

Having a problem deleting bookmarks. When I delete the first bookmark item on my laptop, it disappears immediately. If I then go to delete a second bookmark, it does NOT disappear. In fact, if I open my Bookmarks later on, say after 10 minutes, the first bookmark that I deleted is back, with sometimes a duplicate of it. Is Firefox SYNC causing this?


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Post Posted July 14th, 2019, 9:26 am

I don't use sync but you are probably correct... I suppose that you could turn off sync, remove bookmarks as desired, use Firefox for a time and then see if they came back.... if they do come back you might want to restart Firefox into safe-mode and do the same type of checking.
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IMO, if you want to delete multiple bookmarks in one sitting it might be best to disable Sync before deletion of multiple bookmarks. Once you're done deleting bookmarks re-connect to Sync. Then restart Firefox so that upon start it Firefox will contact the Sync server and send your changes thru in one batch.

That gets around the delay in sending data when doing multiple changes within minutes of each other.

While I can't speak from current experience, as I haven't used that P.O.S. that Sync has become; as I haven't used Sync for quite awhile and I haven't even "played with it" for over a year now. But over at SUMO I have seen a good number of similar complaints in 2019 about issues with deleting a 2nd and subsequent bookmark, but that seems to have usually been when "Moblie" Firefox for either iOS or for Android were connected to the user's Sync / Firefox Account.
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