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Post Posted April 12th, 2019, 10:15 am

More and more sites are using tricks to keep Firefox from automatically entering the password. It gets stored, but I still have to enter it manually.
I try to only use a couple passwords, but different sites have different rules and I have hundreds of logins. Some use older passwords.

Is there a way to add a button to the toolbar or an option to the menu to take me right to the password manager (and preferably reveal the passwords) when I need to look up which password goes with this site that won't automatically log me in or fill in the information?
Right now it takes several clicks and load time to get into it by going to tools->options, clicking on "Privacy and security" and then clicking on "saved logins", is there a way to add a button to take me right to "saved logins" without all the extra steps?
Alternately, fix it so that my password is filled in automatically on sites like that make you enter the username, then click "continue" and then enter the password so they can defeat password managers?
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you can bookmark this chrome url to see saved logins:
chrome urls article:
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Thank you!
Adding it to the bookmark toolbar works just as well as adding a button.


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Post Posted April 13th, 2019, 9:14 am

Have been looking for this myself. Thanks.
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