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Firefox is good in many aspects, but sucks in just as many other aspects. Why? Because they are not user-interested. Too many of their developments are apparently meant to make them feel good about themselves rather than being interested in what their users think or want.

EXAMPLE: Why did they disable the ability to click on a link and have it open in a new tab rather than replace the existing tab? Nobody really wants that. Sure, we can hold CNTRL and then click the link, but why? WAKE UP, FIREFOX GEEKS!

For the most part, users are not interested in having all the latest technical things, they just want an easy to use and relatively fast browser. That's it. And why the need on your parts to disable most extensions? Definitely NOT user friendly. Firefox will end up going the way of Netscape if they don't learn that customers are their #1 priorities.

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@amcit grow the hell up and stop shouting at a user help forum

better yet leave and don't come back till you adjust your attitude
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Locking this before it gets out of hand.

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