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Post Posted September 13th, 2018, 4:16 pm

Hello all - thanks for reading, this is driving me nuts and I hope you can help.

Let me give a scenario.

I have the latest Firefox installed in Windows. I start it up and it starts 5 or maybe 6 Firefox.exe processes. I have five tabs open - BBC, Youtube, Google, Amazon, Boogywoogy.

Boogywoogy is not a real site, and is used for information purposes.

Now, Boogywoogy site is a nefarious nasty site, and it's giving me trouble. It had dialog box pop ups, and when they're up you can't just close the tab. That is - unless you kill the process.

So I go into Task Manager (or Process hacker, which I prefer). Task Manager shows lots of Firefox processes - which one do I kill to get rid of Boogywoogy, but leave the rest of Firefox running?

Put another way - with all those processes, how can I know which sites are in which process? I've tried to figure this out, and I just can't get the order.

Hope this makes sense... Can anyone help?

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go about:performance and click "more" and you will see PID - PID you can see in Talkmanager.

not sure but i have in mind that mozilla plans to build a task manager like chrome.


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Hi, Just an idea here, but what sites do you have set as your Home Page/s, to open with Firefox?
The latest versions of Firefox have multiple processes now.
For ref; > ... =inproduct
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My thoughts on killing a "site" & killing a process, in here: What's going on in task manager? One process is huge.
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