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Post Posted October 7th, 2017, 6:59 am

Here's what I went through trying to get ready for Firefox 57. Maybe someone will get some use out of this overly verbose log. The end result is that I'm down to 12 extensions now, and even in the most optimistic WebExtension porting scenario, I'll have 10.

No replacement
Replaceable or will be updated
  • Adblock Pluswill be ported
    I've been a huge fan for many years; I even pitched in with moderating the support forum for a while. But over time, I grew frustrated as EasyList added more and more exceptions to allow ads, often in spite of my own filters. uBlock Origin lets me handle this with the important filter option. The final straw was severe performance degradation that would cause Firefox to freeze for several seconds. I tried everything to solve it: switching to EasyList without element hiding, discarding all my custom filters, updating to an ABP version that was supposed to fix the issue — nothing worked. One ABP feature I valued was the ability to disable individual filters from EasyList, which is gone in the WebExtension version. uBlock could use a better, nicer-looking interface and ABP's easy filter creation, but overall, I doubt there will ever be a reason to go back.
  • bug489729 (Disable detach and tear off tab) → author discontinued it
    The bug addressed by this add-on was marked as fixed years ago, but it was still giving me trouble. It now finally seems safe to do without this defunct extension.
  • DOM Inspector & Element Inspectorbuilt-in developer tools
  • enter-selects 16won't be ported
    I'm trying to do without it, but I might end up missing it more than I expect.
  • InlineDispositionInlineDisposition (WebExtensions)
    It would be nice if bug 453455 was fixed sometime this century, but I'm not sure I run into this issue often enough to keep the add-on.
  • Link Location Bar / Status-4-Evar 2017.08.20.15missing support
    Back in the version 4 pre-release cycle, Firefox displayed the link target in the location bar. Since Mozilla must copy everything Chrome does verbatim, this feature I adore was ultimately discarded in favor of the crappy status popup we have today. I resorted to moving it over the location bar with userChrome.css.
  • mx4no more complete themes
    It's thanks to a complete theme that I started using Firefox. It's a pity to see them go. At least those curved tabs I hate will be gone in the next version. A lightweight theme completes the picture, though I can't stand it's loaded from Mozilla servers at every startup. I'll have to see if I can load it locally with userChrome.css instead (it didn't work out the last time I tried).
  • Save File to 2.5.5status unknown; author inactive for months
    Save In…, the only alternative I could find, saves only in subfolders under the default Download folder, which is of no use to me. I'm trying to live with the constant save window again, tedious as it is.
  • Simple Popup Blocker 1.2.1
    You'd think a toggle between all/default wouldn't be too much to ask for, but I couldn't find a replacement that does this. Bug 918780 is finally fixed in Firefox 57, so I may get by with just a blank dom.popup_allowed_events and whitelisting frequently visited sites.
  • Stylish 2.0.7will be replaced with the privacy-averse Chrome version
    I considered switching to Stylus, but it injects user styles inline, which I take it means they're accessible to the sites via JavaScript. Add to that the fact that WebExtensions can't touch the user interface, and I just went back to the ol' userChrome.css & userContent.css combo. Unfortunately, userChrome.css changes still require a restart, but I was delighted to see userContent.css changes now take effect when opening a new tab or window.
  • Video DownloadHelper 6.3.1will be ported
    I don't like that they charge for conversion via free software (ffmpeg hall of shame 2009) and don't allow downloading separate YouTube 1080p+ video/audio streams if you don't pay. I'm also fed up with the repeated request for donation that pops up after a certain number of downloads. On top of that, the add-on is currently 770 KB while the two replacements are 88 KB and 74 KB. If Video Downloader Prime works out, I see no reason to go back.
  • Zoom Page 15.8Zoom Page WE
    Last I tried it, the WebExtension version was buggy. First, text would break out of container elements as if text-only zoom was enabled, though it wasn't. Then after an update, pages would first load at the default zoom level and only after a few moments would my zoom level take effect. That was so jarring that I just gave up. For standalone images, I went back to my user script. Another thing I needed was 5% zoom steps, which thankfully can be set up by changing toolkit.zoomManager.zoomValues in about:config. Lastly, it would be nice if bug 332275 was fixed and we could have a built-in default zoom level, but for now I try to make do with Firefox remembering the zoom level per-site.


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Post Posted October 7th, 2017, 7:34 am

I've pretty much stopped looking, the only ones that WFM are uBlock, Google Link Search Fix and Zoom Page WE (seems ok here), finding any useful web extensions is as about as likely catching trout in a goldfish bowl.
I just removed Stylus.
Equally disturbing is the 'quality' of the Newest additions at AMO :roll: ... =firefox57

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Post Posted October 7th, 2017, 7:42 am

i think that "cookie controller" wont have a replacement in the near future. it changes firefox preferences and that is no longer allowed. you have to search for replacement which works on the cookie storage. eg "cookie autodelete" or "cookie manager" or similar. to disallow special cookies you need to use the firefox setting or something like umatrix to prevent in general.

clippings is on the run, if you are able to sign it ourself then you can use it (6a1 on github). import clipdat to recover templates.

styles are no longer usable for firefox with an extension, only userchrome. styl-us for websites is recommend.

ofc Violentmonkey show which script is used when you push the button (and the total amount of used scripts on that site)
VM is faster than GreaseM or TamperM.

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