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Now I am not against increasing security, and I am not against anybody trying to protect the end-user against the identity theft but _P.L.E.A.S.E_ if you are going to FORCE TLS onto us at least use a FAST PROXY!!! Ten seconds to negotiate a TLS handshake _BEFORE_ loading the page header BEFORE loading the page is bl**dy ridiculous!

Identity theft is serious and a concern for a lot of people but come on, I got free VPN software that doesn't act this slow!

I have disabled this ludicrous enforcement in my browser due to the handshake response time being slower than a zx80 trying to play Witcher 3! And how do we know the TLS proxy is safe? Not every site uses TLS at their end so data is exposed somewhere along the line unless the destination website actually understands TLS! Which brings us back to the proxy speed again!


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boreduser wrote:Whatever!

Thanks for sharing.
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