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Good afternoon,
how can i set mozilla default browser using console or about:config options?
command line operator doesn't work.
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firefox.exe -silent -setDefaultBrowser
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-setDefaultBrowser seemingly should be correct.

While you may not want it, have you tried without the -silent switch?

Otherwise maybe something here, Default browser?
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To set the default browser /edit/preferences/General/Startup/Always check if Firefox is your default browser
- there should also be a verification line: Firefox is your default browser.
In some versions the "Startup" setting is removed and may be restored with Setting Sanity 1.2 extension. (still functions with 52.0.2)
You can also go into your control panel and select "Preferred Applications" or if there is a similar item, should allow setting default there as well.

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what distro are you using?

in my experience, if ff (or any other browser) is not the default it will ask you if you want to make it the default


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You posted with a Linux useragent, but you post a command for Windows (firefox.exe -silent -setDefaultBrowser) and witrh an older Firefox 49 version.
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What platform and Firefox version is this about?

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You need to consult the documentation for your own particular Linux distribution and desktop environment. They do not all work the same, and some Linux distros
are just plain broken. Anything in about:config would be useless, since it's all internal to FF, and the default browser setting is at the operating system level.

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No, question is exactly about windows 7 and firefox (starting from version 40 and go on). I try to make firefox installation unattended, so this reason looking to set browser as default without any addition manipulations.

After confirming with regedit, seems it is my mistake, command works fine
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firefox.exe -silent -setDefaultBrowser

Registry key at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\http\shell\open\command changes successfully
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C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -osint -url "%1

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