Did Firefox 52 made a change to the fonts?

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Post Posted March 9th, 2017, 8:59 pm

Because online text has been looking more clean and smooth. Or are my eyes deceiving me and there hasn't been any change since the last version?


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Font rendering changed between Firefox 51 and 52:

about:config --> -->
about:config --> -->

--> direct2d1.1,cairo,skia (Fx 51) <--> direct2d1.1,skia,cairo (Fx 52)

You can revert it manually.
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Hey thanks Aris!

I won't be reverting and I think that font change was necessary.

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I just updated to Firefox ESR 52.2 under Windows Server 2012 and fonts would not print. Print preview was Ok, but the fonts would not appear on the final output.

Modifying these two settings as per Aris instructions has solved the problem.


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