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There's a new update.xml format, i was able to find out by enabling app.update.log and seeing the full url in the web console. Here it is, for the chilean version:

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    <update type="minor" displayVersion="53.0" appVersion="53.0" platformVersion="53.0" buildID="20170413192749" detailsURL="" actions="showURL" openURL="">
        <patch type="complete" URL="http://yourwebserver/firefox-53.0.complete.mar" hashFunction="SHA512" hashValue="509613f6ad208b5d4b39e1e802d16fc890256e6899a08b696c1bc516993582d19ab68f28a01229670ca335ff9c4ff90b457b8a248fae5b1df2d68e306bcf7c7e" size="52516576"/>

I was able to update a virtual machine with that new xml, but another one somehow kept downloading the update from the aus5 server even after having the same config values overridden.

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