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i have the problem that .cab and .rar files do not save to disk. phoenix opens them in a new tab. how can i change that phoenix (windows 0.4build) saves them?

not every time there is a "save link as" option, esp. php-sites with download scripts
hope anyone can help


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This has to be done by server admin. Mozilla/Phoenix relies on the sent MIME type to open or download it. If the specified MIME type is text/plain (which seems to be the case for .rar on most servers), the file will be opened and not downloaded.

For example, correct MIME types for .rar is application/rar, and for .cab, it seems to be application/x-cabinet.


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A workaround to save the file regardless of the wrong MIME type is to let it start to load in a new tab/window, then cancel the load and select "Save Page as..." from the context or the "File" menu.


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Erm, I thought the problem here was that the MIME prefs from Mozilla weren't in phoenix. While I can live without them for the sake of a compact browser, this is still something that Moz can handle isn't it? And as such, even if there isn't a preferences screen for it, is it possible that something in the text prefs can be used?

- Chris

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There's an old pref (0.9.4) for the Unix ver: helpers.private_mime_types_file

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