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I downloaded the Phoenix tar.gz file from the Mozilla FTP site. I already updated my PaTH and when I gave the command phoenix it said it was missing the libgtk12 library. I am a newbie to FreeBSD and maybe I haven't been doing this correctly. I did read up on it and there are some solutions such as linking the libraries but I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if they had a solution to it. Thanks.

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Are you using the linux binaries?
You should install linux_base7+linux_gtk.

Both can be installed from the ports collection.


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Since you downloaded and installed the tar.gz file, I assume you didn't do it through the ports or packages mechanisms.

I installed phoenix from ports, and it of course automatically installs dependencies such as libgtk12. You can find Phoenix in /usr/ports/www/phoenix. [you may need to sync your ports tree, since the phoenix port is relatively new]

Note that you can also install the linux version from /usr/ports/www/linux-phoenix, if you prefer.

Having said that, you can simply use what you've got and install the dependency, or create a link if the library is already installed. [You can find libgtk in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk12]

Hope you can get it to work!
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