A replacement for QuickProxy, a simple proxy toggle?

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Hi there,

as part of my workflow, I make heavy use of a Firefox extension, QuickProxy, now considered legacy. It survives thanks to Firefox ESR, but eventually I'll have to ditch it. Its sole function is to provide a shortcut between the no-proxy and the automatic configuration URL set in the preferences. When I click on a link that requires proxy access, either a login dialog appears, or it uses the credentials already stored. The autoconfig URL is basically a very long and frequently updated list of hosts requiring the use of the proxy.

Trouble is, I cannot find any replacement for this extension.

FoxyProxy Basic doesn't work with autoconfig URLs
ProxySwitchy Omega doesn't work either, and appears very complicated to set up properly
Proxy Toggles 1.0.

Does anybody know about a simple proxy toggle that would work with automatic configs URLs?

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