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Post Posted October 22nd, 2020, 12:40 pm

If you don't compile SeaMonkey yourself you can just stop reading.

If not, starting today the setup changed with 2.53.6b1 pre. Like 2.57 and recent Thunderbird releases >= 60 the comm sources need to now be in a subdirectory named comm under the mozilla sources. Previously the comm sources where located in the root directory and the mozilla sources in a mozilla directory under it.

Also previously the application was named suite in the mozconfig. This is now comm/suite. Everything else stays the same.

The upcoming 2.53.5 beta 1 and later the final will use the old setup.


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Post Posted February 3rd, 2021, 1:06 pm

I see that the build instructions page has been updated with new info. I'm compiling 2.53.x under Linux right now.
However the Windows build instructions are missing, and I'd like to compile a Windows version, too. Could those be added?

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IanN fixed up the Linux build instructions. I am supposed to do the Windows part but haven't found the time yet. Basically building Thunderbird and SeaMonkey new uses the same setup. You can use the TB build setup for comm-central.
mozbuild 3.3 will be supported with 2.53.7 Works since yesterday. Currently you need to use 3.2.

Checkout mozilla-central do a mach bootstrap and then you are good to go if you can build Firefox. No need for a comm-central checkout.

For the SeaMonkey 2.53 build you can adapt the official configs from:

Unlike Firefox the latest VS2019 is still supported for x64 builds but you can also use clang 11.

If you want to build the latest and greatest 2.53.7b1 pre you need to checkout the sources from the official hg repos up to end of 56 and then apply a large patch queue. See here:

This is a bit messy right now.


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