Seamonkey testing 2.58a1. Not save or reopen tabs. (Linux)

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Hi to all, I'm Brazilian and i'm new in this Forum. I mainly use Firefox, and from some years ago, i'm a tester of the Firefox nightly, for windows and for linux.

Sometimes, i use SeaMonkey also. Today, the problem is: SEAMONKEY, new testing the version 2.58 Alpha 1, in Brazilian Portuguese. Version for Linux 32 Bits (OpenSUSE is the distro)

i dont report the problem as a Bug, because i'm not certain that really is a Bug.

When i use the Seamonkey as browser, i open some tabs etc.... when I close the browser, it not saves anything..... reopened, it make a new session, empty, without any tab.... even the main "Home-Page", the "Home" not appear...

for open the "Home" page, it will necessary to click in the "Home" Button.

Resuming, my SeaMonkey 2.58 Alpha 1, not save the sessions.... Also, their setup as "default browser" not mantained....
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Moving to SeaMonkey Builds.

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SeaMonkey is currently mostly broken. Our Mozilla "friends" removed a lot of stuff on short or no notice. This is probably caused by bookmarks api changes. These were announced early some time ago and a fix is already in review.

We are concentrating on fixing up 2.57 in comm-beta because this will become the next ESR version.

Mail news/sidebar and help are broken among other things.


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OK. no problem, since it is a testing version. My version 2.49.2 Portuguese, and also my Firefox installations are working great

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