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Hello !

Sorry, but I can't get going the actual Seamonkey64 bit (seamonkey-2.56a1.en-US.win64) with actual ublock (1.14.23b12). It is possible ?


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2.56a1 is currently only good as a virtual doorstopper. After today not even a good stopper. xul templates were removed and this broke at least the sidebar and mail and news. We need to port some Thunderbird fixes to get mail back. If there was any curtesy Mozilla did show to other apps it is gone. It is Firefox or nothing now. Apis still in use by comm-central apps are just removed now with only some mozilla people giving a heads up.

We just try to keep it building right now and see what can be done with the broken parts later. Switch to the 2.49 line right now.

ublock has an optionsdialog of type 2. This has been removed from Gecko. Add-ons can no longer use there own options dialog. You will no longer be able to install such an add-on. Workaround is to switch to type 3 but this needs some work and is only temporary. Support for install.rdf is removed in the near future and this will break probably all classic add-ons.

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Moved to SeaMonkey Builds as version 2.56a1 is a pre-release beta version.

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