what is the best way to report bugs in nightly builds?

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bugzilla is obviously the proper way but not the easiest one and nightlies are nightlies - something may not work just because it is WIP, and if something major is broken everyone should notice: e.g. a about a week windows (but not linux) builds of 2.53a1 became totally unusable because of some major interface metrics issue - menu bar is taller than the screen, etc - you cannot miss that. But then my windows UI theme is by no means standard so I may be the only one affected. Anyway, is there a less formal way to discuss nightly builds? Maybe here?

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Looks like you are using the Classic theme. This is a Mozilla toolkit bug which has been fixed today and also affected Firefox.

We now usually have one bug open per release which links to the really bad bugs. For 2.53 this is:

That said bugzilla is the way to go. You can ask in, here or irc also but no guarantee that someone will notice it. And to get it fixed a bug is needed anyway.

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