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Post Posted February 22nd, 2018, 8:58 pm

v. 29.49.1
OS X 10.12.6
Mac Pro (desktop) 32 GB
I listen when I'm home and capture stream when I'm gone of a friend's radio show out of New Orleans on Thursdays.
Up until this current version I was able to listen and/or record the entire 3 hours with no problem.
Since I upgraded the stream craps out after about an hour then somehow, when the stream is re-initiated, it starts from the original beginning. (How it does that amazes me; it's like SM is saving the program, gets "full" drops the stream and replays the saved part when I attempt to re-open the stream.)
I quit SM then re-started it, opened the site, clicked on Listen Now...
And got the same thing: restart from an hour earlier.

I opened the site in Firefox (58.0.2) and was able to hear the entire rest of the program with no stoppage/re-setting.

I have listened to shorter programs wiyh no problem.


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Post Posted February 26th, 2018, 2:23 pm

How much RAM is SeaMonkey uses when the sound stops?

Are you able to determine whether the stream is actually still streaming (though with no audio "playing"), as opposed to the stream having stopped altogether?

What version of SeaMonkey were you using prior?

Is SeaMonkey on Mac 32 or 64-bit?

Link to the stream.

(I have seen & do see "streams" stop in SeaMonkey, when RAM usage rises. Surprisingly, the other day I ran into that with only a few windows/tabs open, & once I realized what was going on, I checked & saw that SeaMonkey [x64, 2.49.3, Windows] was [only] using ~1.8 GB RAM. Odd in that in times past I would be closer to 4 GB RAM usage. [I have not seen similar in FF 58. For this reason, is about the only times when I use FF, when I expect audio/video issues - like "stopped" streams. [Wonder if I ever filed a bug?])
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Post Posted March 19th, 2018, 7:42 pm

Mac OS X 10.12.6
SeaMonkey 2.49.1, 64 bit. Prior version was whatever came just before this one. I usually keep a previous dmg but delete it when the new one seems to be working fine, so that's what had happened by the time I discovered what this version was doing.

I did not check the amount of RAM SM was using when the sound stopped, but I usually do check Activity Monitor just because, so if I did look at it at that point, it was nothing remarkable.

It will crap out when it is the only app running. The key seems to be length of time. And even high RAM use would not explain how in the world it manages to start over, as if the stream itself had gone back to the beginning (but definitely has not).

Yes, the stream is actually still there, audible in another — any other — browser.

Did not happen with previous versions.

Since I realized this is what's happening, I started using Firefox and have had no problem at all. I was away two days so I recorded the stream, and all three hours and 3 minutes were there. Previous recordings using this current version of SeaMonkey all stopped around one hour. I'll have it playing in Firefox while using Safari (which sometimes runs up a high RAM usage) or doing something else and it keeps on playing in Firefox.

The reversion to starting over during streaming is something I've witnessed when I was at home listening. On those occasions when I was recording, Audio Hijack simply stopped recording when SM stopped the stream and replayed the beginning.

The stream is from 5 to 8 Eastern on Thursdays.

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