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Discussion of bugs in Seamonkey
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Post Posted December 17th, 2002, 4:26 pm

I often read articles from that site, and about 1 in 100 views I don´t get the article, but part of the starting javascript rendered as text.


In the first tab I got a correct title, but only text in the window:
I show start and end below in the boxes, it doesn´t make sense, to show it all. When I copied and pasted that URL into another tab, it displayed correctly.Switching between tabs, it stays as text, looking at page info, the corrupt page shows only media info about the icon.
When I reload, mostly I get the page rendered correctly.
If I´m looking at the mainpage, and quickly open some articles loading (in the background) in new tabs, I get this behaviour on some of them.

The head looks ok, it contains only a link to the icon, and a title.
Between Head and Body are tons of javascript 1.2, is that the correct place for it, or must it be inside head or body?

/* Dr. Clue's drop-down menu system for 4th generation browsers copyright @ 1998,1999 drclue , license is granted for use of this software by individuals in support of personal web-sites. All other rights reserved. */ //*** Global Variables var LIBLOADEDJSmenu=false; var systemLibCnt =0; var systemIsNS =(document.layers!=null); // Is it a Netscape browser var systemMouseDn =false; // mousemove dragging if(document.layers)document.all=document.layers; var systemMaxZ =0; var systemNullChk =((systemIsNS)?((navigator.appVersion.substring(0,4)=="4.05")?"null":"undefined"):"null") var menuTimeOut =null; // mouseout Cancel menu timer var menuCurrentItem =null; // currently highlighted object. var menuCurrentPath =""; // The open menu list. var menuScreenWidth =0; //*** General Menu configuration variables var menuSubAuto =false; var menuSubSymbol ="»"; // html to indicate sub menu var menuRoll =true; // Show menu items as built var menuCharHeight =11; // Avg Char Height. var menuCharWidth =5; // Avg Char Width. var menuYpopoff =0; var menuXpopoff =178; var menuBcolor ="#ABABAB"; // background var menuTcolor ="#FFFFFF"; // Text var menuHBcolor ="#FFFFFF"; var menuHTcolor ="#ABABAB"; var menuFont ="verdana,arial";// menu label font var menuFontSize =1; // menu font size var menuBold =false; // Use bold var menuAtimeout =5000; var Firstpass =true; var lastEVENT =null; var szDuds="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.5; Mac_PowerPC)"; manufacturingoff = new Image; manufacturingoff.src = ""; manufacturingon = new Image; manufacturingon.src = ""; equipmentoff = new Image; equipmentoff.src = ""; equipmenton = new Image; equipmenton.src = ""; marketsoff = new Image; marketsoff.src = ""; marketson = new Image; marketson.src =

and so on till
function imgSwap(imgId,imgSrc,restat) { document.images[imgId].src=eval(imgSrc+'.src'); if (restat)window.status=''; } function PreLoads(treeList) { window.status="["+systemLibCnt+"] menu.js["+LIBLOADEDJSmenu + "] items ["+""+" Loading ..."; if(!LIBLOADEDJSmenu) { setTimeout("PreLoads('"+treeList+"')",500);return; } window.onResize="document.location.href=document.location.href"; if(!document.links.length) { setTimeout("PreLoads('"+treeList+"')",500);return; } window.status="initializing"; while(treeList.length>1) { killboy =treeList.substring(1); killboy =killboy.substring(0,killboy.indexOf(":")); treeList=treeList.substring(killboy.length+1); window.status="Loading "+killboy; menuCREATE(killboy,0,0); } window.status=""; } /* Called by the jsLAYERclass to create a layer if the layer does not already exist.*/ function jsLAYERcreateLayer(Homeboy,x,y,w,h,bColor) { if(systemIsNS) { var lyr= document.layers[Homeboy.lyrName] = new Layer(w) lyr.left=x;; lyr.clip.height=h+1;lyr.clip.width=w+1; lyr.bgColor=((jsLAYERcreateLayer.arguments.length>5)?bColor:menuBcolor); lyr.visibility='hidden';lyr.zIndex=1; lyr.isHighlight=false; lyr.border=1; document.layers[Homeboy.lyrName].style=document.layers[Homeboy.lyrName]; }else{ var str = '\n
'; document.body.insertAdjacentHTML("BeforeEnd",str); } Homeboy.jsLAYERobject=document.all[Homeboy.lyrName]; i

and there it ends, right in the text.
I copied that link to another tab, and it opened correctly.
I looked at the sources, both the same.


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