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Post Posted April 18th, 2016, 6:06 am

Limey57 wrote:That's it in a nutshell. No other programs or browsers affect screen brightness - just Seamonkey. Firefox and Chrome variants all open properly - no screen brightness effect. Pretty strange.

Did you test portable version of SeaMonkey? ... y_portable

If there is the same problem (most likely) then check previous portable version (2.39).

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Actually, I think Patrick Dempsey was on track regarding his observation about the nVidia Optimus drivers. I had to look that topic up and found I was able to access their functionality through Bios. They were disabled. I enabled them and it actuated a lot more driver installation at next bootup. I now have access to nView and its settings; However, it all looks correct in there. What is interesting is that the display now appears to be locked into the dimmest setting at all times. Really, that's more preferable but I am looking to regain the ability to be able to to control the screen brightness instead of being locked into the dim display - so that's my current status. I've been into both nView and Windows Power Management schemes but nothing seems to be able to return functionality of manually raising or lowering the brightness. Going to look into hot keys and dig deeper. As always, I appreciate any and all suggestions.

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