Javascript error with Mozilla v1.3a on a specific website!!

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Hi there!
Please go to > .
At the bottom you can see three titles:
"about ReadNotify" / "business solutions" / "member utilities".
When you place the cursor on any of them, a pulldown-menu
should then automatically be least so it works
But even with the latest Mozilla version 1.3a, only the error
message "javascript:void (0)" will be shown on each of those
three titles.
So thanks very much in advance for your valid feedback(s)...
PS: Pls make sure to check it up also with any IE versions.


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Post Posted December 16th, 2002, 2:55 am

I see the same problem with Mozilla 1.0.1 and Opera 6 (doesn't work), it works with IE 5.5.

Javascript is beyond me, but the odd thing is they correctly use document.getElementById and their browser sniffing is up to date, as well -> ns5=(navigator.vendor==("Netscape6")|| navigator.product==("Gecko"))

The Javascript console shows no errors, but the odd thing is that if you move your mouse pointer over the text (image) where a menu should appear, something does appear in the top / top left corner of the screen.

That is says "javascript:void (0)" is, AFAIK, no indication of an error, btw.

Any Javascript experts?

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