Strange behavior in Mailer v 1.2.1: some mails messed up

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I have a curious bug with Mozilla 1.2.1, in the mailer. I don't know if this is Mozilla in itself or something else messing with it.

Sometimes, I receive incoherent mails in my Mozilla Mail. Sounds like one of these worms wandering on the internet, but it is not one of theses viruses: when I check my e-mails on my distant server with a webmail service of my provider, I don't see these messy mails. Instead I have "normal" mails waiting for me to download it. When I check my pop server with Mozilla, the mails are downloaded but sometimes 1 mail is, well, duplicated in few other mails, with a different subject and small parts of the original text.

I first thought I was infected by a virus but my Norton Antivirus checks my hd every week and is always updated. I fluently receive viruses by mail and Norton finds it (well, I hope!). Guess I'll try another antivirus but I have the feeling that the problem is with Mozilla mail...

Didn't find any clue in the MozillaZine pages about it. What is your opinion?

Thanks for your help!

Greg from France

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I'd think that your e-mail folder got messed up. If you haven't tried "compact this folder" on it before, try doing so. If that doesn't help, I think you might want to go to your profile folder and delete the two files containing all info for this inbox (after closing Mozilla). This will obviously delete all the mails in it, so copy them to other folders first if you still need them. The files should automaticly be created again the next time you open your mailfolder.

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