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Post Posted December 13th, 2002, 6:10 pm

I'm using Phoenix .5 in Redhat Linux 8.0 and it seems to lock up every time I access at Flash-enabled website. Has anyone else seen the same isses?
Shockwave Flash 5.0r51
Java(TM) Plug-in 1.4.0_01-b03
Default Plugin
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.3a) Gecko/20021207 Phoenix/0.5

Also, the error seems to appear in Mozilla and Galeon.


Mozilla? What's that?
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Post Posted December 14th, 2002, 2:36 pm

Ok. Glad to see it's not just me.

My third day with Phoenix. So far, so so.

I'm getting the same flash plugin lockup, running Phoenix0.5 in WinXP, using an AOL (let's not give me TOO hard a time about that, ok, it's FREE) connection.

And while we're at it here, where might this old DOS hand go to find some more helpful help regarding adjustments to this browser?

Yesterday's task was: Remove the GO button from the toolbar.

Net result of four hours of diddling around: Nada. The button glares evilly at me even as I hit these keys. I'd cheerfully say "thehellwithit" and go surfing (we DO wish you people hadn't stolen our word) right now but it's cold and flat. Phoo.

userChrome.css is brand new to me and I have so far been unable to decypher such "help" as is out there.

Too many weird command line doojiggers, not enough explanation. All the braces, slashes, stars, and what have you are just about impenetrable, and it's OBVIOUS that the damned things admit to not the SLIGHTEST miscue on the LUSER's part. After playing around with it for more time than was justified, I determined that the total amount of permutations possible in setting things up JUST SO, exceeded the amount of hours already elapsed since the Big Bang.

Pretty please, before the RTFM hounds start baying, allow me to say that somebody needs to WRITE TFM in sufficiently plain English such that you don't have to already know how to operate the system in order to learn how to operate the system.

And, now that I think about it, perhaps I'm just the guy to do it.

I am, among other things, a writer. And I'm also brand newly involved with things non-Gatesish, Phoenix being my first attempt to free myself from the ever more bizarre strictures that are being handed down from Redrum WA.

If somebody could hold me by the hand as I learn this stuff, I just might be the Right Guy to document all the pitfalls in sufficiently plain English such that you don't have to already know how to operate the system in order to learn how to operate the system.

On the face of it, installing and tweaking a nonGates browser would appear to be a PERFECT way to gently, gently, enter this strange new world.

Any takers?

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