Hard bug with multizilla ! All my mozilla is down !

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Post Posted December 9th, 2002, 7:58 am

I install multizilla on my debian-mozilla 1.1 to enable middle-click close tab, like in windows.

I checked it, my build version is higher than the build version requires to install mozilla.

To enable root access to mozilla plugin dir, I did :

$sudo mozilla

I installed multizilla, easysearch and diggler with success.

I restart mozilla, (without sudo), I don't see any favorites and myy fav bar was empty ! I close and restart mozilla, it says to me : bad pref, restart needed. So...

I restart it again, all seems to be perfect. (I had favorites, diggler, search bar and multizilla bar)

I edit preferences to disable the Qpref button. It stays ! I try middle click. None happens... I try right-click-opening in new tab. None happens ! I edit some preferences :
"bad pref, restart needed"
So I restart a couple of times, sometimes with error, sometimes not, sometimes with favorites, sometimes not. After three times, the Qpref button disappear well !

For now, I have no favourites and I cannot enable them. I also have no middle click new tab nor middle click closing tab. I'm simply not able to close any tab ! ! ! (right-clicking, closing tab button, etc...)
I have also LED on tab but it's unchecked in my prefs.

I'm only able to add tab with new tab button, but tabs are send to extreme right, it's very annoying !

Moreover : I just see that I don't have back or forward button enabled ! They are grey... And when I tried to see my mozilla current build, I see that it returns a blank page ! (I'm using Orbit 3+1 theme)

the strangiest thing : when I sart mozilla-mail for the first time, it fill completely my ram and my swap (according gkrellm) before launching mail ! I've never seen that ! (it's perhaps not totaly related...)

And I'm completely dumb > I do not backup chrome dir because I have installed and desinstalled multizilla without any problems a couple of times under windows.

Please, help me to have tabs and favorites, at least !


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Post Posted December 9th, 2002, 8:14 am

It become really fun ;)

When I try "close all tab" it ask me if I sure, but it doesn't close anything.
When I try to close the tab at the right (and only this tab) with the close tab button, all tabs disappear and I have a blank page. But I open a new tab, all tabs reappears !

My favorites are now back and it's funny to see that one time I have LED on tab, one time not ! Tabs are named by the URL, and not by the title of the page !

When I try to see my mozilla version, or the pref editor, or the help, or anything "about...", it open a blank tab "untitled"! All my tabs are at the right of my screen, except the first one !

This time I restart mozilla, I don't see the "new tab" button...

Each restart is different !

I didn't smoke or drink anything ! ! (you could think it, I understand...)


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Post Posted December 9th, 2002, 9:53 am

I install moz 1.2 and it erase all plugins. I reinstall diggler and easysearch, but must I try multizilla ?

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