Tabs and "On clicking" bugs are now my enemy!

Discussion of bugs in Seamonkey
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Post Posted December 8th, 2002, 12:20 am

Um.. My 2 pet peves... Bugs 151142 and 180078

They involve clicking on links with the middle mouse button, and how they act like they open pages like a normal click, instead of in a new window.

I know that this does not work properly in moz, and has been carried over to Pheonix 0.5.

I find these bugs anoying because:
1. It is not expected behavior.
2. Makes PHP forums really anoying when your used to it opening links in new tabs.

Somebody please fix these bugs, or nominate them to be fixed in the near future.

I am sorry I am not a programmer, or else I would look in to this myself :P



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151142 doesn't have to do with the middle mouse button at all, and 180078 doesn't affect the vast majority of pages out there, only those that use a javascript onClick handler in the link. If you are seeing links open in the same window with the middle mouse button, it's probably a different bug that you should report.

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