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I downloaded the latest nightly. So I decide to help out, and try to confirm some bugs. Looking over the latest unconfirmed bugs, alot of them work for me. Should I just note wfm on all that do work, or is it better to just 'move along' and only comment on bugs that don't work?

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You will be want to read this page:

The part that you will want to read is:
"Try to reproduce the bug. If you are able to reproduce the bug, note the fact that you could reproduce the bug, and add these comments to the Additional Comments field:
1. Your Mozilla Build ID (the title bar of the browser)
2. Your platform
3. Your operating system

If you are unable to reproduce the bug, note in the comments that you tried to reproduce the bug and could not. If others agree that the bug is unreproducible, you can mark it INVALID or WORKSFORME, and tell the reporter to reopen it if they can provide steps to reproduce the bug in a current build."

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