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I've been using Mozilla since 1.0, upgrading as and when releases come out. One thing that's been really bugging me lately is that Mozilla will not register itself as the default mail client. If I try doing it through XP's new Program Access and Defaults or through Mozilla's preferences I get an error:

"Mozilla Mail could not be set as the default mail application because a registry key could not be updated. Verify with your system administrator that you have write access to your system registry, and then try again."

I should have access to the whole registry as I am logged in as an Administrator.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?



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Mozilla registeres just fine as News client here. But it doesn't register as News and Addressbook app.
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I am using 1.0.1 on Win 2000. Since I (unfortunately !) installed SP3, I noticed that Mozilla won't register itself as default browser, i.e. it does not even show up in the "Standard Programs" List, which Win 2k did not have before SP3. Microsoft's latest feature is very annoying since I have to manually make Mozilla the default browser every time I reboot my PC.

Will Mozilla implement this feature (i.e. being "list compatible") with 1.0.2 ? Thanks !

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After a lot of web searching I've figured it out.. I had to manually go in and hack the registry key.

The key that needed changing was HKLM\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail and then change the value of (Default) to be "Mozilla" (without quotes).

Not sure why Mozilla couldn't change it by itself tho..

Hope that helps someone,


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