Cannot sign in to My Netscape??

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Is anyone else having trouble with this? I've tried turning on/off all osrts of script options and so forth, but since 1.2 I haven't been able to sign into My Netscape with Mozilla. I can sign in with IE... any ideas? Or should I go bug Netscape?



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The only time in the last year and a half or so is when one of the builds I downloaded changed my cookies pref. to accept no cookies. After I found that and changed it back to accept from originating domain, no more problems. Currently using 2002112305 on Linux.


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I had same experience before. Clean up all Netscape/AOL releated cookies, then try again. It works for me.


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Funny enough, I have less problems signing into my Netscape with Mozilla (1.0 branch) than with Netscape 7.
One thing to note: You need to allow cookies from "", so "Accept Cookies from originating domain" might not do the job.

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