older fx version xpi - caa down - need an useragent switcher

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Post Posted September 14th, 2021, 6:16 pm

(Unfortunately, the German Forum Camp Firefox became Captured by a guy named Sörensen: he acts like a censorship dictator. Other opinions are not discussible and he deletes requests immediately that do not fit into his concept - knows everything better but only he agrees on zat]

(I use - don´t ask why - fox-fork palemoon 27.17 - guess a former fox fork - and fx extensions about from ff 57 and later work fine]

I won´t upgrade to v.28 because of my oldschool add-ons - still working fine.

now my not "really" problem. - I wanted to check temporally an obsolete version of an XUL-type useragent switcher.xpi (aka extension)

Can´t find it anymore in the www again aka Wrld-Wide-Waiting and got messages like this. ... on=install

Should be a small amount of older software - Does anybody knows where to find?

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