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Post Posted September 25th, 2017, 10:03 pm

Block Unreachable Scripts 0.3.1

Prevent unreachable servers from stalling websites by disabling their scripts if they previously could not load.


Some websites load JavaScript from third-party servers that are sometimes unreachable (because of company firewalls/outdated DNS servers/bad SSLs/etc.). This will cause the website to stall (freeze) as it waits for that server to respond. The only recourse is to wait patiently for that request to time out, before the website can continue loading.

This extension will monitor those failed JavaScript requests and will skip over them if any websites try to load from those servers again. This prevents the website from stalling again. The block will only occur for 5 minutes in case the server is restored later.

Failed requests can be viewed in the toolbar button, which shows which URLs were blocked and how long the block will last. The toolbar button only appears when scripts are blocked.

Note that this extension does not target anyone and has no black-list or white-list. Blocking only occurs if the server was previously unreachable and therefore the content would not have loaded anyway.



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Follow-up to ... s/1147632/


Recently, before I discovered Block Unreachable Scripts, I began toying with

network.http.rcwn.enabled true

I get a vague sense that things are more likely to be treated as unreachable when racing is enabled. Maybe most noticeable in Reddit, YMMV.

My imagination?


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