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Post Posted March 16th, 2017, 3:58 pm

gorhill wrote:
streetwolf wrote:Perhaps it has something to do with Fx55? Those where it is working try Nightly if you can and see what happens.

Same delay issue with Firefox 52. As said I also get the issue regardless of browser (Firefox, Chromium) or blocker which make use of EasyList. So it's a site vs. EasyList issue.

I have tested it on FFDE on the nightly Aurora (x64), works fine. I have tried on FF stable 52.x (x86), works fine. 8-)

Perhaps I have something else that is resolving this for me and those who are not seeing it. :?
I have broadly killed my Flash and neutered the HTML5 autoplay and peerconnections, so maybe something there is providing the resolution for me, I don't know. :shock:

Also, while entirely anecdotal and quite possibly not the reason, since I am running through VPN that kills all ads/trackers/etc even before reaching my browser, after which I use uB0 (nearly wholesale, some mods for things that shouldn't affect this case) to catch the rest, so maybe somehow that stripping before hand is allowing the video to come through clean for me and others who don't see the delay. Again, not sure, just thinking out loud. :-k

But the behavior is not unlike what I have seen on say TV channels where you an watch their shows in exchange for ads shoved in your face every 30-60 seconds but even though the ads don't show, you still have to watch dead air for the duration until it moves on, that's just how the node switching is setup for most of them, so even if the content doesn't play, it will wait for the task to end. That feels like what is happening here, so maybe a look into the their "switching" mechanism might shed some light toward mitigation. :mrgreen:
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