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tonklin wrote:cannot see "View the source" link near/after "what's this" and "Source code released under Mozilla Public License, version 2.0" on your addon's version history page - is there any other place where source code can be found?

In the spring, mozilla disabled displaying the source code for all addons:

tonklin wrote:
pag77 wrote:version 2.19-2.20

deleted: 3-d party JavaScript-advertising has been deleted from add-on.
fixed: minor bug fixes

what kind of ads are still there? ads on/off switch in options is still present so I guess something is left, even though I did not see it yet :)

Now there is only automatic search of discounts and coupons and their automatic application
If the visited web store has coupons or discounts, then for a short time a separate tab opens, example:

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I have been having an issue where the download disappears from the torrent page after a pc restart.
This may have been addressed before I haven't found it. Is there a way of getting those downloads back or to
continue them?


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